TG Series

The Royal Alloy TG series was really a breakthrough for us... And for the real retro scootering fraternity!

For the very first time in recent history the consumer can enjoy a truly authentic retro scooter that is made of steel!

It does not stop there - the Royal Alloy range features a vast array of reliable and proven powerplants with a new powerful 300 to arrive on the market in the last quarter of 2019.  All machines feature advanced anti-dive front suspension, all machines have safe combined braking systems or 'Bosch' ABS.  

The Royal Alloy range is truly unique in being the only British brand that provides a complete portfolio of 'Real' Retro' scooters for the modern rider. 


TG Series

At last it has arrived....

The TG will feature a predominantly steel body with cast aluminium headset and horncast. It will feature as standard the new 'lowrider' seat to give confidence to those with shorter legs .

We have focussed on 'attention to detail', elements of the scooter design have been very carefully considered such as the 'gemlight' and we are delighted with the results - we hope that you are too!

New wheels, simply stunning and very retro..
Modified Chassis to encompass the now 'rounder' rear section of the main body.
New headset - essential for the new full colour TFT speedometer and Gemlight
New Indicators, front and rear.

Royal Alloy, masters of 'Retro'!

Why Tigara Grande'?

Why ' Tigara Grande'?

An interesting name, some may like, some may loathe, a name that is for 'Global' use and a name that has a meaning.

Tigara is an Inuit word for 'Point', Grande means 'Big', so here we are making a 'Big Point',

Royal Alloy - masters of Retro.

Also, a fun acronym....
Thank God It's A Royal Alloy!


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